Welcome to Anaïs Artiges

Welcome to Anaïs Artiges!

We're glad to welcome Anaïs Artiges in the COSMIC team in October 2019 as PhD student. She'll be working under the joint supervision of Cyril Poupon and Philippe Ciuciu on the development of a new silent and accelerated diffusion-weighted MRI pulse sequences for pediatric applications at 3 Tesla.

Welcome to Chaithya GR

Welcome to Chaithya GR!

We're glad to welcome Chaithya Giliyar Radhakrishna in the COSMIC team in July 2019 for a 1-year research engineer contract. Chaithya will be working both on the accelerated acquisition and reconstruction aspects primarily for the Fast FIB-SEM project but also for MRI.

Attending ISMRM 2019 (Montreal, QU, Canada; May, 11-17)

Carole Lazarus will be competing as finalist to the Rabit Young Investigator Award at the 27th edition of the ISMRM conference for her work entitled: SPARKLING: variable-density  k-space filling curves for accelerated MRI.

She will be also presenting an electronic poster entitled: 3D SPARKLING for accelerated ex vivo T2*-weighted MRI with compressed sensing. See the abstract here.

Loubna El Gueddari will be presenting two electronic posters related to her works:

  • OSCAR-based reconstruction for compressed sensing
    and parallel MR imaging.  See the abstract here.
  • Online compressed sensing MR image reconstruction for high resolution T2* imaging. See the abstract main_ONLINE.

Attending ISBI 2019 conference (Venice, Italy)

Philippe Ciuciu will be giving a tutorial with Prof. Jeffrey Fessler (U Michigan) on the recent progresses in Compressed sensing MR data acquisition and machine learning for image reconstruction. Go here for details.

Loubna El Gueddari will be giving a talk at the 17th IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging that will be held in Venice, Italy (April, 8-11 2019).  Her paper is entitled

  • Calibrationless OSCAR-based MR image reconstruction in compressed sensing parallel MRI. Paper available here