Cosmic for Scientists

For Scientists

The Cosmic project aims to produce new scientific findings in the area of compressed sensing for computational imaging (MRI, radio-interferometry, electron tomography, FIB-SEM, etc) at large and to build a Python open-source software package, called PySAP, for image recovery from under-sampled data.

    • The consortium is composed of CEA research and computational scientists working either on astrophysics (DRF/IRFU/DAp/CosmoStat) or on MR images (DRF/Joliot/NeuroSpin).
    • The collaboration in electron tomography is conducted with Dr Zineb Saghi (DRT/LETI).
    • The collaboration in fast Focused Ion Beam Scanned Electron Microscopy (FIB-SEM) is conducted with Dr Pierre-Henri Jouneau (DRF/IRIG).
    • The collaboration in guided wave tomography is conducted with Drs Olivier Mesnil and Tom DruĂ© (DRT/LIST).

Beyond the scientific production (papers, communications, abstracts), we develop educational tools through tutorials written as Jupyter notebooks in a specific repository, called pysap-tutorials.