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COSMIC Products

PySAP: Python Sparse data Analysis Package

Since 2017, the Cosmic consortium has developed the PySAP open-source software, whose Github repository is available here. The package is organized around two key modules, namely ModOpt for modular optimisation and Sparse2D for decomposing images using multi-scale sparsifying transforms.

Besides the core modules, the Package proposes some plug-ins which are application-driven:


    • The PySAP-MRI plug-in is devoted to perform Cartesian and non-Cartesian MR image reconstruction, both in 2D and 3D imaging, and in the context of single and multiple channel reception.



    • The PySAP-astro repository provides tools for denoising and deconvolving galaxy images.



    • The PySAP-data repository provides test data for running the educational examples provided in the PySAP-tutorials repository.

Future of PySAP

In the near future, we will release other plug-ins for other imaging techniques, as well as for online MR image reconstruction using the Gadgetron framework. Please checkout the Github repository of the CEA-COSMIC organisation.

Importantly, to attract external developers, we have setup a specific template for external plug-in with precise guidelines to contribute to PySAP.