Prof. Jeff Fessler – Invited Speaker@NeuroSpin on June, 1-2 2017

We are very pleased to announce that Prof. Jeffrey Fessler (Univ. Michigan, USA) will visit us at NeuroSpin on June 1st and 2nd, 2017. In this respect, he will give a talk about his recent contributions to MR image reconstruction. The title of his lecture will be disclose quite soon.

Welcome to Hamza Cherkaoui

Welcome to M. Hamza Cherkaoui within COSMIC!

M. Hamza Cherkaoui will join the COSMIC project at NeuroSpin for his M2 internship for about 5 months. He will start in April 2017 and his research topic will be dedicated to MR image reconstruction using overcomplete dictionaries (eg., curvelets, shearlets). See the pdf for details.

Jean-Luc Starck: Invited Speaker@AIDA-2020

  • Jean-Luc Starck will give an invited talk on Sparse reconstruction of radio transients and multichannel images at the forthcoming AIDA-2020 (Academia meets Industry) conference  dedicated to Medical Imaging and Image Processing.
  • Ming Jiang & Carole Lazarus will present posters on their PhD work on the application of CS to astrophysics and MRI, respectively.