Jean-Luc Starck (co-I)

Director of Research and head of  the CosmoStat laboratory. He is an expert in sparse signal and image processing for applications in astrophysics (e.g., cosmology). For more details, see his  webpage.

Samuel Farrens

Junior research scientist involved in the H2020 Dedale project and hired in Dec 2017 to work on the PySAP software. He is currently working on galaxy image deconvolution using regularisation techniques such as sparsity and low-rank approximation. For more details look at his  webpage.

Florent Sureau

Research scientist working on advanced convex optimization techniques to solve inverse problems arising in Planck data analysis using sparsity. For more details look at his  webpage.

Ming Jian

Former PhD candidate working on"Multichannel Compressed Sensing and its application on radiocosmology" and supported by the European project "PHySIS", which emphasizes sparse signal processing technologies.. Ming defended his PhD in November 2017 and then moved to a post-doctoral position at EPFL in Switzerland. look at his  webpage.